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Margaret O.: Dr. Li is an excellent practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is a kind, compassionate healer and he is so generous with his knowledge about TCM. The best gift I have received from Dr. Li is his presence which I believe is a result of his 20+ years of practice. I would recommend him for general wellness as well as anything else that may be troubling you. Anne B.: I have seen Dr. Li for years and now I have no more sinus infections! It took 6 months of treatment, but it worked. I continue because of the numerous health benefits; better sleep, no cholesterol or high blood pressure issues. So glad I found Dr. Li! Bettina Z. Dr. Li is the best acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Doctor I have ever gone to. He is a truly caring, knowledgeable, and skilled individual who treats people with his open 3rd eye on the Soul Level. If it wasn't for him, I am not sure I would have survived when I was seriously ill with the Corona Virus. Most regular acupuncturists settle for pain relief, which can mask symptoms just like drugs or pills do. If, however, you are looking for true healing and making a change in your body and life for the better - I recommend Dr. Li above all. Tim P.: I continue to see Dr Li because he demonstrates incredible healing abilities. If one is serious about health Chinese methods are the best. Imagine how long illness requires to find its way into your body and imagine the time and "patience" required to recover health. These practices call for our bodies to engage our own healing abilities and thus it seems the key to these methods is in knowing of how to evoke and direct the body in that endeavor. Eastern treatment approaches appear to help one's own body do the healing in ways Western approaches cannot even come close to. Dr. Shunyu Li is exceptional !!!


Beijing Acupuncture Clinic: • Traditional Chinese Medicine • Acupuncture • Tai Chi - open 3rd Eye • Herb, Herbal Medicine • TUI NA(Chinese Massage) • Qigong Therapy • Cupping • Bleeding • Therapeutic Massage for all chronic conditions • Treatment with the Soul Dr. Shunyu Li, OMD, a Licensed Acupuncturist, helps you release pain and chronic health problems. He specializes in internal medical problems and unusual pains, which may be originating in the muscles, nerves, or bones or as wrong Qi energy in your meridian channels. Some pains may indicate internal organs diseases. Another one of his great gifts is to help with pain and suffering caused by car accidents and similar unusual accidents. He can guarantee you to release from the pain after a treatment plan of at least 3 - 7 sessions. Some individuals may need only a single session to receive an effective improvement. Dr. Li can help you to stop smoking, become free from drug addiction and lose weight. Heal the problem, not just stop pain! No side effects! • 3 + visits work well on many acute conditions • 7 + visits are required to show significant results in regards to long-term/chronic conditions Free initial consultation, examination and diagnosis. Service fee: $50 /hour.